Survivors Still Need Humanitarian Assistance after Quake in Sulawesi

PALU – Located in Talise Camp, on wednesday (4/10), PKPU Human Initiative distributed Logistics and hygiene kits. There were staple food and hygiene kits for 150 beneficiaries in Talise camp.

“In emergency response situasion, food item was very urgent. Especially, for the IDP’s who lost everything after disaster, said team rescue of PKPU, Indra Budi

In previous day, PKPU had distributed Food item with total 142 package in RT 5 and RT 6, Kabongan Kecil village, District Donggala.

The situation in the field was not condusive, due to chaotic in the aftermath of an emergency, so, we cooperate with local government and police to escort us to distribute our relief.

“we distribute our relief to the affected area by truck, and we cooperate with police to escort our relief so it’s safe from looting,” said Indra

Earthquake triggered a tsunami struck Donggala had caused economic collapse. Over 1.571 reported died, 2.549 had been unjured dan 70.821 internally displaced, destroy thousands of home and causing devastation in almost all central sulawesi.

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