National Qurban Distribution, for Larger and More Equal Benefit

JAKARTA – Besides one of religious activities for Muslims, qurban (sacrifice cattle to Allah on Idul Adha Sacrifice Day) is also a social concern to give benefit to others. Ahead of Idul Adha 1439 H, PKPU Human Initiative launched “National Qurban Distribution (SQN)” program again on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. Through the theme of “Insya Allah Qurban”, PKPU HI invites all people to strengthen their intention to do qurban this year.

The program which has started since 2000 has helped qurban animal distribution to the remote areas of Indonesia and even to other countries which are affected by drought, food crisis and war conflict. In 2017, PKPU HI has managed to distribute 19.431 qurban animals for 233.172 families through SQN program. In 2018, PKPU HI is committed to expanding the scope of qurban meat distribution. According to the head of qurban team, Aan Suherlan, PKPU HI targets 25.669 qurban makers with 385.035 receivers.

PKPU HI President, Agung Notowiguno explained that Qurban Animal Distribution of PKPU HI this year will reach the remote areas in the country and certain locations that are hard to reach such as the inland areas of Papua and the outer areas of Rote Island. In addition, it will be distributed to countries affected by food crisis such as Somalia & Kenya and war conflict victims in Syria, Pattani Thailand, Myanmar & Rohingya refugees in Cox Bazzar Bangladesh.

“The locations become our concern to reach larger and more equal receivers. We make sure that qurban meat will be distributed to those in need,” Agung stated.

Qurban in PKPU Human Initiative will also empower local farmers through Binter-Q program (Bina Ternak Qurban—Qurban Cattle Development), namely cattle development group for the low-class people to develop the regional economy.

PKPU Human Initiative offers several types of qurban products classified based on the distribution locations with competitive price starting from Rp 1.595.000.

“I hope it can help people who want to make qurban but they cannot afford qurban animals with normal price,” head of SQN PKPU HI team, Aan Suherlan said.

Aan explained that qurban animal in every product type weighs ±23 kg for goat and ±230 kg for cow with the quality control standard (QC passed) according to sharia.

People can easily choose qurban products and make transaction on For confirmation and further information, please contact customer service at (021) 87780015 or WhatsApp 087782662667, email at or Line: @pkpu_hi.