PKPU Human Initiative North Sumatera Deploys Rescue Team to Handle Madina Flash Flood

MADINA – After flash flood in Mandailing Natal last Friday (15/10), PKPU Human Initiative North Sumatera Rescue Team moved immediately to give aid.

“We evacuate dead bodies. Mostly, they are children drifted on the river,” PKPU HI Rescue Team Coordinator, Mardi Sahendra said.

The disaster happening in Muara Saladi village, Ulu Pungkut district has claimed 17 people including 12 students of elementary school and 5 adults. Meanwhile, 7 others were injured.

“Besides claiming lives, this disaster has devastated houses too. A total of 10 houses were swept away and 14 others were buried in mud and wood material,” Mardi said in his report.

Until today (Tuesday, 16/10) PKPU HI North Sumatera Rescue team along with local people still continued activities to clean debris and tree branches scattering on the road.

People whose houses were swept away and severely damaged are forced to evacuate to posts. More than about 70 families need help now.

“They need food, nine main commodities (sembako), medicine, hygiene kit and blanket to live in the evacuation posts,” Mardi revealed.

Based on the decree of Mandaling Natal Regent No. 360/0888/K/2018, the emergency period lasts for 7 days until October 18, 2018. PKPU Human Initiative keeps moving to give Care Solution to the victims. (Humas)

For information in the field from PKPU HI Rescue Team, please contact Ricki 082366647908. PKPU HI North Sumatera invites all Indonesian people to show care together.
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