Initiative for Disaster

Initiative for Disaster

Initiative for Disaster is a series of programs which aim to reduce disaster impact through the empowerment of people’s potential and capacity to recognize disaster potential and anticipate disaster. Besides preventive actions, PKPU Human Initiative also prepares team to be sent if disaster happens. To run the mission, Initiative for Disaster divides 3 Working Teams:


  1. Disaster Risk Reduction Team

It aims to reduce disaster threat and bad impact of disaster threat by educating individuals or communities. The programs are:

  • Tough Village
  • Safe School
  • Disaster Education Media
  • Alertness Training
  • Volunteer Class
  • Disaster Alert Bag


  1. Emergency Response Team

A series of activities which is done soon when disaster happens to handle the impact. It includes rescue and evacuation of victims, property, basic needs fulfillment, protection, evacuees handling, rescue and facilities recovery. (Law No. 24 Year 2007 on Disaster Handling)

The programs are:

  • Rescue: Handling Fire Disaster, Flood, Earthquake, Landslide, Whirlwind, Tsunami, etc.
  • Wash : Sharing Water, Portable Toilet, Hygiene Kit
  • Shelter : Comfortable Verandah, House of Smile, Shelter Kit
  • Food Item : Water Kitchen, Staple Food Distribution, Fast Food Distribution
  • Non-Food Item : Family Kit, School Kit, Cooking Set, A Million Masks
  • Health : Emergency Medical Service, Psycho social Handling


  1. Recovery Team

A process to meet the basic needs after disaster happens both natural and social disasters.

The programs are:

  • School Construction and Operation
  • Orphan Hut Construction
  • House Construction
  • Well Construction
  • Mobile Clinic and Medical Operational Service
  • Livelihood
  • Food Security

Support us to become #CaringSolution to handle disaster impact and anticipate more disaster potential, so that we can return and maintain the life stability of the disaster victims.