PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan Breaks the Fast with Orphans and Launches HIVE

BALIKPAPAN – PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan spread happiness again by breaking the fast with orphans, which is part of Happy with Orphans program. It also launched the theme of Infinity Happiness at Giant Extra MT. Haryono Balikpapan, Saturday (26/5).

It was held simultaneously in 13 branches of PKPU Human Initiative all over Indonesia.

Breaking the Fast with Orphans invited 50 orphans to have fun with PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan.

“Today we hold this event in all branches of PKPU Human Initiative. For East Kalimantan branch office, we hold it in Balikpapan with the theme of Infinity Happiness,” Hidayatullah, head of East Kalimantan PKPU Human Initiative said.

Happy with Orphans program has 4 subprograms, namely Breaking the Fast with Orphans, Shopping with Orphans, Sharing Orphans Packages and New Clothes for Orphans.

The programs are expected to facilitate Balikpapan people to share happiness with the needy, particularly orphans.

“In launching Infinity Happiness in Happy with Orphans program, we have 4 programs to facilitate Balikpapan people. We hope we can share happiness and cheerfulness with our brothers, particularly orphans,” Hidayatullah stated.

Hidayatullah added that the happiness will go back to those who share it, so that there will be endless happiness, just like the theme unveiled by PKPU Human Initiative, which is Infinity Happiness.

Previously, the event Infinity Happiness included competitions such as little preacher contest (pildacil), adzan (call for prayer) competition and tilawah Al-Quran recital competition. It also introduced around 20 volunteers who will increase more in order to contribute to a program by PKPU Human Initiative, namely Human Initiative Volunteer Energy (HIVE).

“In this event, we also launch Human Initiative Volunteer Energy in which several volunteers are ready to join PKPU Human Initiative to contribute in its programs,” Hidayatullah revealed.(pkpu-hi)