PKPU Human Initiative Builds 3 Aid Response Posts in Central Sulawesi

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Social Ministry released the latest data about the recent condition after natural disaster in Palu and its surrounding areas. In its release, there are posts which are part of Subcluster Aid Response Shelter in Central Sulawesi. These posts will help local people by providing their needs during emergency period.

There are 25 aid posts spreading in Central Sulawesi which are initiated by some humanitarian organization that are involved in this aid response. PKPU Human Initiative which is involved actively in the disaster emergency handling has established three posts in Labuan regency, Banama regency and Sigi Biromaru regency, Central Sulawesi regency. The posts have various needs for the disaster victims.

The posts provide these following things:
1. SIGI BIROMARU regency post provides 100 non-food aid
2. Labuan regency post provides 100 tarps
3. Banama regency post provides about 580 tarps.
Since the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Sigi and Donggala on Friday, September 28, 2018, people in Palu and its surrounding areas still feel deep pain. They need not only shelter kit, but also other aids.