Muamalat and PKPU Human Initiative Distribute 200 Ramadhan Packages in Two Regencies of Maluku Province

Ambon – In an event called the Blessings of Ramadhan 1439 H conducted at Al – Ikhwan Mosque BTN Manusela Jl. Kebun Cenkeh, Batu Merah, Ambon on Wednesday, June 06, 2018 at 04:15 East Indonesia Time (WIT), Bank Muamalat Ambon invited PKPU HI to build synergy to distribute 200 Ramadhan packages in two regencies/cities, namely Ambon and Central Maluku.

To present blessings in Ramadhan, Bank Muamalat along with PKPU HI Maluku held silaturahim (get-togethers) with tens of program receivers from unfortunate families who become representatives of other program receivers in two different regencies in the symbolic aid presentation. In the event, Bank Muamalat also gave takjil (snacks to break the fast).

In his speech, head of Bank Muamalat Ambon, Bambang Haryo Nugroho explained that the aid program is BMM (Baitul Maal Muamalat) whose fund comes from ZIS (Zakat, Infaq, Sedekah—charity, donation and alms). It aims the needy, so that Bank Muamalat only cooperates with a reliable and competent institution to distribute it.

“This aid program is Baitul Maal Muamalat, the fund comes from zakat, infaq and sedekah (charity, donation and alms). It aims the needy, so that we cooperate with reliable and competent institutions to distribute it,” head of Bank Muamalat Ambon revealed.

On the occasion, head of PKPU HI Maluku and the head of Yayasan Al – Ikhwan Foundation who represents the program receivers expressed thanks to Bank Muamalat Ambon for showing care by giving blessings in the month of Ramadhan to the needy through the aid program.

“We represent the program receivers and pilgrims of BTN Manusela really thank Bank Muamalat and feel grateful to Allah SWT because Bank Muamalat can be here at Al –Ikhwan Mosque to break the fast together and distribute aid program to the needy,” head of Yayasan AL – Ikhwan BTN Manusela Foundation said.

Head of PKPU HI Maluku also explained that 200 Ramadhan packages for orphans and the unfortunate become the priority and PKPU Human Initiative is ready to distribute it to people in two regencies/cities, namely Ambon and Central Maluku.