Human Initiative Builds Empowered Fisherman Village in Pandegelang

HI-NEWS, PANDEGLANG – After Sunda Strait tsunami which happened on Saturday, December 22, 2018, Human Initiative keeps distributing various humanitarian aids to the victims in Banten and its surrounding areas. One of the humanitarian aids is the establishment of Empowered Fisherman Kampung in Kampung Karang Meungpeuk, Desa Tanjung Jaya, Panimbang district, Pandeglang.

This is part of Human Initiative’s effort to meet the needs of the survivors to do daily activities like before. The launching of Empowered Fisherman Kampung was attended by Human Initiative President, Tomy Hendrajati, village officials, community figures and local people.

Tomy Hendrajati said Human Initiative was ready to support the needs of the survivors. “Tsunami in last 22 December is the affection of Allah to all of us, especially us and the partners of Human Initiative to be able to share with the victims. We are ready to support not only through the emergency response program, but also until now we are committed to assisting the people to recover their condition,” Human Initiative President, Tomy Hendrajati stated.

Previously, according to the data of Human Initiative, in Kampung Karang Meungpeuk, Pandeglang, 11 people died, 26 boats were damaged, tens of houses and other infrastructures were damaged. Arsikum as the head of RT Karang Meungpeuk neighborhood unit said thanks to the donors and Human Initiative for having helped the victims from the beginning.

“We the people of Karang Meungpeuk would like to thank Human Initiative and partners for assisting us since the disaster happened. Besides logistic aid, alhamdulillah (thank God) we also get 26 boats to replace the damaged ones. This is really beneficial for us,” he stated.

Human Initiative will keep inviting all people to help the survivors by sending donation through the website Human Initiative will distribute the donation immediately to those in need.

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