Indonesian Mosque Council Invites PKPU Human Initiative to Build Mosques after Disaster

JAKARTA – People can still feel the impact of disasters happening in some areas in Indonesia. Moreover, for people in Central Sulawesi who were just hit by earthquake and tsunami. Then, the handling of Lombok earthquake is still in recovery. It still needs aid particularly construction rehabilitation of houses, schools and religious facilities.

Therefore, the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) which is a national organization which realizes the function of mosque as the religious center takes part in the rehabilitation process after disaster. DMI invites PKPU Human Intiative  to launch mosque rehabilitation and construction program in Lombok, Palu and Donggala.

The cooperation agreement was signed by DMI Secretary General, H. Imam Addaruqutni and Agung Notowiguno as PKPU Human Initiative President on Tuesday (23/10) at DMI head office at Istiqlal Mosque Complex, Jl. Taman Wijayakusuma, Jakarta.

“According to the data of BNPB, around 115 mosques are damaged in Lombok, while damaged worship places in Donggala and Palu reach 327 units. Many Muslims there pray in inappropriate places. Collaboration and support from DMI will make them pray in a mosque again,” Agung said in his speech.

DMI recommended PKPU Human Initiative as a partner for fund raising to realize the program. It will be done by PKPU Human Initiative both through mosque retails under DMI and donation application. The rehabilitation will be done if the fund has been raised.

Until now, PKPU Human Initiative keeps running disaster response program in Central Sulawesi and recovery in Lombok. Various disaster programs are done from the emergency to recovery steps by presenting sustainable programs.

PKPU Human Initiative is a national welfare institution which is engaged in the social and humanitarian field in and out of the country. Every activity of PKPU HI is officially recognized by the Indonesian Social Ministry and registered in the European Union and the United Nations as an NGO with “Special Consultative Status with the Economic Social Council”. (Humas)