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PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan Breaks the Fast with Orphans and Launches HIVE

BALIKPAPAN – PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan spread happiness again by breaking the fast with orphans, which is part of Happy with Orphans program. It also launched the theme of Infinity Happiness at Giant Extra MT. Haryono Balikpapan, Saturday (26/5).

It was held simultaneously in 13 branches of PKPU Human Initiative all over Indonesia.

Breaking the Fast with Orphans invited 50 orphans to have fun with PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan.

“Today we hold this event in all branches of PKPU Human Initiative. For East Kalimantan branch office, we hold it in Balikpapan with the theme of Infinity Happiness,” Hidayatullah, head of East Kalimantan PKPU Human Initiative said.

Happy with Orphans program has 4 subprograms, namely Breaking the Fast with Orphans, Shopping with Orphans, Sharing Orphans Packages and New Clothes for Orphans.

The programs are expected to facilitate Balikpapan people to share happiness with the needy, particularly orphans.

“In launching Infinity Happiness in Happy with Orphans program, we have 4 programs to facilitate Balikpapan people. We hope we can share happiness and cheerfulness with our brothers, particularly orphans,” Hidayatullah stated.

Hidayatullah added that the happiness will go back to those who share it, so that there will be endless happiness, just like the theme unveiled by PKPU Human Initiative, which is Infinity Happiness.

Previously, the event Infinity Happiness included competitions such as little preacher contest (pildacil), adzan (call for prayer) competition and tilawah Al-Quran recital competition. It also introduced around 20 volunteers who will increase more in order to contribute to a program by PKPU Human Initiative, namely Human Initiative Volunteer Energy (HIVE).

“In this event, we also launch Human Initiative Volunteer Energy in which several volunteers are ready to join PKPU Human Initiative to contribute in its programs,” Hidayatullah revealed.(pkpu-hi)

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PKPU Human Initiative of North Sumatera Holds Shopping with Orphans at Hypermart Binjai Supermall

BINJAI – PKPU Human Initiative of North Sumatera held Shopping with Orphans at Hypermart Binjai Supermall, Timbang Langkat, Saturday, May 26, 2018. A total of 106 orphans were invited to buy various needs.

The event which brought the theme “Infinity Happiness, Happy with Orphans” aims to make orphans happy through a program that involves business place. PKPU Human Initiative as an institution which is concerned about orphans follows it up by holding Shopping with Orphans Program.

Head of PKPU Human Initiative branch office, Mardi Sahendra said the regular event in Ramadhan month came from the donation of donors and PKPU foster parents. Before the event began, Mardi suggested the orphans buy the needs for Lebaran (Eid festivity). “Do not get discouraged, Insya Allah (God willing) success will follow you if you study hard,” he stated.

Representing Hypermart Binjai Supermall Manager, Mardi motivated the orphans to keep praying and studying to reach their dreams.

In the event, Indaco and Bhayangkari, the organization of the wives of police officers gave packages to the orphans. They were also entertained by cosplay attraction of Spiderman and Captain America. Happiness and laughter were written on their face. The event continued with prayer and ended with shopping and photo sessions.

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Fun Shopping with Orphans and PKPU Human Initiative of West Java

Bandung – PKPU Human Initiative of West Java held Shopping with Orphans (BBY), Saturday, May 26, 2018. This event was held simultaneously by the central office and branch offices of PKPU Human Initiative all over Indonesia. More than 50 orphans from various foundations joined the event at Grand Yogya Kepatihan Alun-Alun Bandung.

Head of PKPU Human Initiative branch office Kiki Rejeki said this event was held to make orphans feel happiness in this glorious month. “This is the much-awaited month. We should fight for doing and spreading kindness,” Kiki stated.

Kiki also invited everyone to become the real hero. “As in line with the theme brought by PKPU Human Initiative this Ramadhan, namely Infinity Happiness adapted from Infinity War of The Avengers, I call on everyone to become the real heroes. In fact, we do not need super power to become the real heroes but sharing happiness with each other,” Kiki said.

One of participants, Ridwan (11) said he was really happy to join this event. “It is so fun. I can shop here with friends,” Ridwan said. Ridwan bought biscuit, milk, snack, bath tools and other items. Ridwan, who is an orphan from Subang, admitted that he wanted to join this event again.

Meanwhile, one of the orphan guides, Wati from Ummahat, said taking care of orphans is a pride for her. Moreover, she is a widow of orphans. Her husband died five years ago.

“I have been through good times and bad times. I can feel the children are “different” because they do not have father. But I keep giving them support to become confident and convince them that each child has a special thing. What we have to do is maximizing the potential,” Wati stated.

The event was also enlivened by live acoustic performance and storytelling by Kampung Dongeng community. Various door prizes were distributed to bring more fun. (Ria/Gie)

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Watching Together Happy with Orphans and Orphan Package Distribution

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Infinity Happiness, Presentation for Orphans and the Unfortunate

Jakarta – To enliven the holy month of Ramadan 2018, PKPU Human Initiative held Big Event 14.00 West Indonesia Time (WIB) was the launching of “Happy with Orphans (BBY)”, humanitarian program to spread happiness to orphans and the unfortunate in month of blessings.

It was also held in all PKPU Human Initiative branch offices in 13 provinces in Indonesia in different ways. From Banda Aceh, Binjai in North Sumatera, Padang and Bukittinggi in West Sumatera, Pekanbaru Riau, Bengkulu, Bandung in West Java, Semarang in Central Java, Sleman DIY, Surabaya in East Java, Balikpapan in East Kalimantan, Makassar in South Sulawesi and Ambon in Maluku, more than 1000 orphans and the unfortunate were invited.

Interestingly packed, the event carried the theme of “AVENGER” superhero which has attracted Indonesian people recently. With the tagline “We Can Be a Hero”, the event Infinity Happiness intends to invite all Indonesian people to become the real heroes. Heroes do not need super power, but sympathy to make orphans and the unfortunate happy.

“This theme is taken to describe unlimited happiness that the orphans and the unfortunate will feel. Besides, the donors will also feel the happiness because God will give them rewards for their kindness,” Sahardi, Spv. Of Humanitarian Partnership and event coordinator, said.

Sahardi explained in facilitating people who want to become the real heroes, PKPU Human Initiative provides 3 Packages of Kindness ‘Happy with Orphans (BBY)’, namely Happy with Orphans (BBY1) worth Rp 375.000, Sharing Orphan Packages (BBYZ) worth Rp 365.000 and New Clothes for Orphans (BBY3) worth Rp 212.000.

“The three packages are accessible on,” Sahardi added. He also revealed that the target of BBY program receivers in 2018 is 84.629 unfortunate orphans.

The event “Infinity Happiness” was enlivened by the art performance of orphans under PKPU Human Initiative’s guidance. It was getting more attractive with the performance of ‘Indonesian Marvel Community’ which addresses the real meaning of Kindness Hero. Cosplay of AVENGER figures such as Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther and Spiderman enlivened the performance.

Additionally, this event featured “Talk Show: We Can Be a Hero” with competent speakers including actor Fauzi Badilla, Founder of EASTmayyaID & Founder of HijraHeart Amaliah Begum, Founder of Franchise Kebab Turki Baba Rafi Nilam Sari and Partnership Director of PKPU Human Initiative, Andjar Radite.

The fun event was led by the 3rd winner of Stand Up Comedy Dzawin as Master of Ceremony. Nasyid (Islamic songs) group ‘Aleehya’ performed Islamic HipHop songs. To bring more blessings in the event in this holy month, this event ended with religious advice by Ustadz Ismeidas as the coordinator of ‘Punk Muslim’ Islamic study community followed by fast breaking with orphans/the unfortunate.

PKPU Human Initiative invites all Indonesian people to make this Ramadan month more meaningful. By visiting website, Indonesians can become the real heroes to make orphans and the unfortunate happy. (Gie)

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Watching Together Happy with Orphans and Orphan Package Distribution

Surabaya – To enliven the holy month of Ramadan 2018, PKPU Human Initiative of East Java will hold Big Event “Infinity Happiness” Every One Can Be A Hero at CGV cinema Marvel City, Sunday, May 27, 2018. The event which will start at 13.00 West Indonesia Time (WIB) is the launching of “Happy with Orphans (BBY)” Ramadhan Program, a humanitarian program to spread happiness to orphans and the unfortunate in the month of blessings. This event is packed in watching movie “Lima Penjuru Masjid” and the distribution of school packages to 50 orphans and the unfortunate.

The theme of Infinity Happiness is taken to describe the unlimited happiness of orphans and the unfortunate will feel by joining this event. Meanwhile, “Every One Can Be A Hero” is a tagline to describe that everyone can take part in making orphans and the unfortunate happy. The movie audience, donors and communities who are involved in this event are the real heroes. Not because of their super power, but their care.

Many of the orphans and the unfortunate go to mall and watch movie at cinema for the first time. Moreover, they get school package. The film audience also become heroes because the school packages come from their movie tickets too. The audience will also feel satisfied because they will get multiplied rewards for their kindness in this Ramadhan month.

This event involve many communities including the Indonesian Movie Lovers Community (KOPFI), Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Surabaya, One Day One Juz (0001) Surabaya, Campus Propagation Institution Social Forum (FSLDK) Surabaya Raya, Sinergi Dakwah, Bonek Hljrah, AlFalah Mosque Youth (RlSMA) and Miss Global Indonesia 2018. Interestingly, this event will be enlivened by superhero cosplay from Charity Superhero Community with Yudi Kemal as the MC. The communities are superheroes too as they are involved in spreading infinite happiness to people.

To facilitate people who want to be real heroes in making orphans and the unfortunate happy, PKPU Human Initiative has 3 Packages of Kindness ’Happy with Orphans (BBY)’, namely Happy with Orphans (BBY1) worth Rp 375.000, Sharing Orphan Packages (BBYZ) worth Rp 365.000 and New Clothes for Orphans (BBY3) worth Rp 212.000.

PKPU Human initiative calls on all Indonesian people to make this month of blessings more meaningful. Through donation for Happy with Orphans program by contacting PKPU WA Center 085105902333, Indonesian people can become the real heroes to make orphans and the unfortunate happy.

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Mount Merapi Erupts Again, PKPU Sends Emergency Response Team

Yogyakarta – The national humanitarian institution PKPU Human Initiative sent Emergency Response Team to help the evacuation process of Mount Merapi eruption victims, Yogyakarta to evacuation posts that have been prepared.

“Following the phreatic eruption for three times on March 21, 2018, we immediately sent emergency response team to help people around Mount Merapi to evacuate,” GM of PKPU Human Initiative Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Eson Jumarsono, said on Tuesday (22/5).

In addition, he added, the team also helped the process of logistic distribution for the evacuees.

“The current needs are masks and food, especially for children and the elderly,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the emergency response team needs self-protection tools (APD) to run the mission and transportation for the mobilization of volunteers and humanitarian activists.

Eson explained that to anticipate eruption and the impact of alert status increase, situation in the in the east, central and west of the slope of Mount Merapi continued to be observed.

The status of Mount Merapi was raised from normal to alert based on a letter from the Research and Technological Development for Geological Disaster Agency (BPPTKG) of Yogyakarta Number 271/45/

Following the rising status, head of Information Data Central and Public Relations of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho instructed that settlements within a radius of 3 km should be vacated.

“Activities are not allowed within the radius of 3 km. Hiking is temporarily prohibited unless for investigation and research on the disaster mitigation,” Sutopo said.

At least 298 people from Kalitengah Lor hamlet, Kalitengah Kidul hamlet and Srunen hamlet in Cangkringan district, Sleman regency evacuated to Glagaharjo Village Hall.

“Additionally, 362 people of Dukuh Takeran and Dukuh Stabelan in Tlogolele village, Boyolali regency evacuated to Tologolele village,” Sutopo stated.

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Hero Supermarket and Giant Invite PKPU Human Initiative to Run Education Program

Hero Supermarket and Giant launched customer donation program which is focused to help the early childhood education (PAUD). Hero supermarket launched “Senyum Indonesia” (“Smile of Indonesia”) program, while Giant launched “Indonesian Children Inspiring Movement (GIAT Indonesia)”.

“Education is an important factor which becomes the key of a country’s development. Therefore, Hero Supermarket and Giant fully support education through customer donation programs, namely “Senyum Indonesia” (“Smile of Indonesia”) and GIAT Indonesia,” Tony Mampuk, GM Corporate Affairs PT Hero Supermarket Tbk said in his speech, Tuesday (15/5).

Through the two programs, he added, he called on customers to develop education in Indonesia together, particularly early childhood education. Children at the ages of 2-6 years old are in the golden era of their growth that they need more attention and good education.

Customer Donation Program is supported by PKPU Human Initiative, an Indonesian humanitarian institution which has been experienced since 1999 and recognized internationally by the United Nations. This cooperation is built based on the mutual mission to fight for education in Indonesia from the early age.

“Cooperation with PKPU Human Initiative aims to make customer fund management more on target because PKPU will coordinate directly with the supermarkets to find PAUD which really need support. Further information on the fund and PAUD from this Customer Donation is available on our website,” Tony Mampuk revealed.

Meanwhile, PKPU-HI Partnership Director, Andjar Radite, said he was proud of participating in this customer donation program initiated by Hero Supermarket and Giant because this program will help many schools. “Hopefully, this program will get a good response from Hero Supermarket and Giant customers,” Andjar stated. (pkpu-hi)

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Sharia Pawnshop and PKPU Human Initiative Solok Hold Free Medical Treatment

Solok – Ahead of Ramadhan holy month 1439 H, Sharia Pawnshop of Padang branch, West Sumatera in cooperation with PKPU Human Initiative Solok held free medical treatment program at Salayo Grand Mosque, Salayo village, Solok regency, Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

At least 65 adults including the elderly and 25 children under five came. The children got additional food and medical checkup, while the adults got blood tension, blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol checkup. This medical checkup was handled by one PKPU partner doctor, 1 pharmacist, 2 nurses and 1 nurse assistant.

Akmal, SE as the head of Sharia Pawnshop of Padang branch said in his speech that this medical checkup program is expected to benefit people in Selayo village, Solok regency. “Thank you PKPU HI for helping to hold this free medical program,” he added. He hoped for more cooperation with PKPU HI next year.

Ratna (70), one of program receivers showed her excitement about the program. “I am so happy and thankful for this program. It is so helpful. I hope it can be held again,” she said while smiling excitedly. (pkpu-hi)

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