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To Recover Education after Disaster, School of Initiative Starts to be Bu

SIGI – To realize recovery program after earthquake and tsunami which hit Central Sulawesi, PKPU Human Initiative rehabilitates schools which were affected by the disaster that happened in the end of October 2018. The first school is SD Inpres Jono Oge elementary school, Sigi Biromaru district, Sigi regency. The school was quite severely affected.
On Friday (11/16), the groundbreaking of the school reconstruction was done. President of PKPU Human Initiative, Agung Notowiguno attended the groundbreaking of the building called “School of Initiative”.
“This school is named ‘School of Initiative’. The temporary school will be able to stand for years until the permanent school is finished building,” Agung said in his speech.

Meanwhile, Aldy Surya from the School of Initiative Program team explained that the plan to reconstruct the school came up from the discussion with the head of Education Service in Sigi regency and the principal of SD Inpres Jono Oge elementary school that also attended the groundbreaking.

“It means this school is the appropriate target for the School of Initiative construction,” Aldy revealed.

Aldy added that about six classrooms will be built in the location at the beginning. In total, PKPU Human Initiative will build about 38 classrooms spreading in some other affected schools.

While the recovery program is running, Human Initiative still gives food aid in the form of sembako (nine main commodities) packages, especially to the families of students and teachers of School of Initiative program receivers.

Besides, PKPU Human Initiative also gave psychosocial action to 150 students. It is because according to Selvy, S.Pd as the principal of SD Inpres Jono Oge elementary school, 275 students were registered before the disaster.

“Thank you so much PKPU HI for helping our school. After we have permanent school, this School of Initiative building will still be used for lab or meeting room,” Selvy revealed.
PKPU Human Initiative keeps inviting Indonesian people to become #CareSolution to give aid both food aid and rehabilitation program to recover Central Sulawesi.

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Welcoming the 19th Anniversary, PKPU Human Initiative Spreads Humanity Spirit through Stand Up for Palu – Donggala in Balikpapan

BALIKPAPAN – A series of Stand Up For Palu – Donggala road shows keep going on in big cities in Indonesia including Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. This time the road show was held at Putri Aji Karang Melenu Ballroom, Balikpapan University. Hidayatullah as the head of PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan said the ticket selling and fund raising will be distributed through Palu – Donggala recovery program.

“The ticket selling and fund raising will be distributed through Palu-Donggala recovery program held by PKPU Human Initiative,” Hidayatullah, head of PKPU Human Initiative East Kalimantan said on Sunday (11/11) at Balikpapan University, East Kalimantan.

Hidayatullah hoped this event could give contribution to Palu – Donggala earthquake victims. “We hope we can give more contribution to our brothers in Palu-Donggala,” he added.

Stand Up for Palu – Donggala in Balikpapan was enlivened by Sadana Agung, finalist of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) competition Season 6. There were also three other stand-up comedians from Balikpapan StandUp Community, namely Fazri, Rizky and Damsy. They called on standup comedy lovers to contribute to give donation through Stand Up for Palu – Donggala.

This road show is part of events to welcome the anniversary of PKPU Human Initiative that will culminate in December 2018. Five big destination cities of Stand Up for Palu – Donggala tour are Jakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Makassar and Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, Humanity Spirit still becomes the big theme of the road show. PKPU Human Initiative hoped the road show would encourage many people help ease the pain of victims in Palu – Donggala.

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House of Smile, the Real Action of PKPU Human Initiative for Lombok

LOMBOK – At the moment, Lombok is in transition from emergency step to recovery. Humanitarian aid keeps coming to help the earthquake victims. Like PKPU Human Initiative which keeps helping the victims such as by running “House of Smile” program.

House of Smile is a house for disaster victims whose houses are damaged. “House of Smile serves the earthquake victims in 5 regencies in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) province. House of Smile is highly needed by those whose houses are damaged. In total, the damaged houses in Lombok are 149.715, while various institutions have built 17.557 houses,” Ferry Suranto, General Manager Initiative for Empowerment PKPU HI said on Wednesday (7/11).

Furthermore, Ferry stated that the houses are prioritized for families who have family members that are pregnant or breastfeeding and also the elderly and disabled. One house is for one family. House of Smile is expected to meet the basic needs as a shelter in a physical and psychological way.


Until now, PKPU HI has built 597 units House of Smile spreading in Lombok. Next, 101 units are in the making process. It is targeted to finish by the end of this month. House of Smile has the size of 3×5 meter with tarp wall using wood framework. House of Smile has two rooms, namely living room and bathroom. This house has building durability for the next 4 to 6 months in the normal weather. It is expected to be beneficial for the victims in this emergency transition period.


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Flash Flood Hit 3 Districts in Tasikmalaya, PKPU Human Initiative Sends Aid

TASIKMALAYA – Flash flood hit three districts in Tasikmalaya regency, West Java on Tuesday (6/11). The three districts are Cipatujah, Karang Nunggal and Culamega. The victims reach 724 families. According to data from Tasikmalaya Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), six people died and one person is still missing.

PKPU Human Initiative (HI) of West Java deployed four personnel from Disaster Risk Management (DRM) team and two medical volunteers. PKPU HI immediately went to the location in Ciheras village, Cipatujah district on Tuesday (6/11). Then the team coordinated and made assessment with BPBD and the local government. Ganjar Mutaqin as the coordinator of PKPU HI West Java Disaster Risk Management team said that various parties now gather accurate information on the flash flood.

“This morning we coordinated with all parties including BPBD Tasikmalaya, Precinct Police (Polres), the regent and others to gather information about the disaster in Cipatujah to avoid misunderstanding. So we can take the right actions to solve this disaster,” Ganjar, coordinator of PKPU HI West Java Disaster Risk Management team said on Tuesday (6/11) in Tasikmalaya.

The flash flood left houses slightly to heavily damaged. Based on the temporary data, about 7 houses were severely damaged in Cipatujuh district and Culamega district, while 4 others were slightly damaged in Karang Nunggal district. The disaster also cut off transportation access as a bridge connecting to Garut regency collapsed.

Heavy rain had fallen in Tasikmalaya regency since Monday (5/11). The rain intensity increased and caused mud flood at 02.00 – 04.00 West Indonesia Today (WIB) on Tuesday (6/11). PKPU HI along with BPBD of Tasikmalaya regency soon built joint post for the needs of evacuees. The next step is that PKPU HI will set up kitchen, clean people’s houses, medical examination and hygiene kit distribution.


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PKPU Human Initiative Attends Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities in Birmingham, UK

BIRMINGHAM – Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities (JLIFLC) is an international cooperation on the role and contribution of humanitarian institutions in the health of local people. As quoted by, JLIFLC also tries to create welfare and eradicate poverty in society. This year JLIFLC was held on October 25 – 26, 2018 in the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, Birmingham, UK.

On this occasion, Tomy Hendrajati as PKPU Human Initiative Program Director and the chairman of Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI) Board said that Indonesian people have a strong religious background. In addition, religious figures in Indonesia have a strategic role in society. The two things become important if they are managed well in humanitarian activities.

“Indonesian people have a strong religious root, while the religious figures have a strategic role too in society. This strategic role has an opportunity if it is managed well in humanitarian activities both pre-disaster and post-disaster activities,” Tomy Hendrajati said on Saturday (3/11) in Jakarta via Whatsapp.


The agenda themed “Humanitarian Overview Global -National Context” addressed the most effective format searching in building cooperation. It aims to build synergy between religion-based humanitarian institutions and religious figures. In addition, this synergy involves various institutions which have the most strategic contribution in the field. Tomy stated the agenda will encourage the role of religious figures and religion-based institutions to be more active in terms of aid and education on disaster. He added that the next step is the process of capacity building and development program.

“The next action is capacity building to strengthen technical capacity and content for network, make development research and programs,” he revealed.


This event was also attended by about 50 participants and 40 international humanitarian institutions. The countries registered in UNICEF also came. Every country can contribute in the aid distribution and recovery acceleration for disaster survivors. Besides, every country can contribute in conflict prevention such as malnutrition among children. If it can be realized, it will be the best example of humanitarian institutions in the global level.

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Ramon Papana : Mari Kita Bantu Saudara Kita di Palu – Donggala Bersama PKPU Human Initiative

JAKARTA – Roadshow Stand Up For Palu – Donggala kembali diselenggarakan di Jakarta. Kali ini, PKPU Human Initiative (HI) bersama Indonesian Comedy Club (IDCC) berinisiatif untuk mengajak masyarakat agar membantu saudara-saudari kita di Palu dan sekitarnya. Acara ini dilaksanakan pada Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2018 di Eat and Eat, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta Selatan.

Humanity Spirit atau Semangat Kemanusiaan masih menjadi tema besar dalam roadshow STAND UP FOR PALU – DONGGALA. PKPU HI bersama IDCC mengajak seluruh pengunjung Eat and Eat agar ikut berdonasi untuk para korban bencana alam di Palu – Donggala. Melalui kotak yang sudah disediakan oleh beberapa orang dari PKPU HI. Nantinya, mereka akan berkeliling di Eat and Eat, sehingga memudahkan pengunjung untuk memberikan donasinya. Salah satu pelopor Stand Up Comedy di Indonesia, Ramon Papana juga mengajak masyarakat untuk turut membantu korban Palu – Donggala.

“Mari kita bantu saudara-saudra kita di Palu dan Donggala yang terkena musibah bersama dengan PKPU Human Initiative,” ujar Ramon Papana pada Sabtu (27/10) di Eat and Eat, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta.


Ada 10 comic yang turut memeriahkan roadshow di Kota Kasablanka. Comic tersebut diantaranya Ramon Papana, Asep Suaji, Hendra Panggabean, Evan Prabowo, Yosua Petriyonta, Mix Syakur, Garieldo, Juwita JA, Mey Shan Shan, Feni Bros dan Bang Dunia. Dipandu oleh Irwan Chan sebagai MC, Stand Up For Palu – Donggala menjadi semakin menarik. PKPU Human Initiative diwakilkan oleh Sahardi mengucapkan terima kasih atas bantuan donasi dari berbagai pihak. Terutama kepada Eat and Eat dan IDCC yang sudah memberikan fasilitas kepada PKPU HI agar terlaksananya Stand Up For Palu dan Donggala.

“Terima kasih Eat and Eat dan Indonesia Comedy Club yang sudah memfasilitasi kebaikan kita semua,” tutur Sahardi.



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Indonesian Mosque Council Invites PKPU Human Initiative to Build Mosques after Disaster

JAKARTA – People can still feel the impact of disasters happening in some areas in Indonesia. Moreover, for people in Central Sulawesi who were just hit by earthquake and tsunami. Then, the handling of Lombok earthquake is still in recovery. It still needs aid particularly construction rehabilitation of houses, schools and religious facilities.

Therefore, the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) which is a national organization which realizes the function of mosque as the religious center takes part in the rehabilitation process after disaster. DMI invites PKPU Human Intiative  to launch mosque rehabilitation and construction program in Lombok, Palu and Donggala.

The cooperation agreement was signed by DMI Secretary General, H. Imam Addaruqutni and Agung Notowiguno as PKPU Human Initiative President on Tuesday (23/10) at DMI head office at Istiqlal Mosque Complex, Jl. Taman Wijayakusuma, Jakarta.

“According to the data of BNPB, around 115 mosques are damaged in Lombok, while damaged worship places in Donggala and Palu reach 327 units. Many Muslims there pray in inappropriate places. Collaboration and support from DMI will make them pray in a mosque again,” Agung said in his speech.

DMI recommended PKPU Human Initiative as a partner for fund raising to realize the program. It will be done by PKPU Human Initiative both through mosque retails under DMI and donation application. The rehabilitation will be done if the fund has been raised.

Until now, PKPU Human Initiative keeps running disaster response program in Central Sulawesi and recovery in Lombok. Various disaster programs are done from the emergency to recovery steps by presenting sustainable programs.

PKPU Human Initiative is a national welfare institution which is engaged in the social and humanitarian field in and out of the country. Every activity of PKPU HI is officially recognized by the Indonesian Social Ministry and registered in the European Union and the United Nations as an NGO with “Special Consultative Status with the Economic Social Council”. (Humas)

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Active Role of PKPU Human Initiative in the National Disaster Risk Reduction Month in Medan

MEDAN – The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) commemorated the Month of National Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB). It took place in the city of Medan, North Sumatera on October 19-26, 2018. Quoted by, PRB event this year carries a big theme called Sustainable Resilience for Sustainable Development: Coherency for Resilience through People Public Private Partnership.

The goal of PRB this year is developing partnership between the government along with business and humanitarian institutions. This partnership development also involves regional governments to build sustainability based on PRB. Therefore, PKPU Human Initiative also takes part in the goal.

One of efforts to realize the active role of PKPU Human Initiative is participating in the National PRB exhibition. PKPU HI set up a stand which invited people to know more about disaster response. The stand number 85 was opened on October 21-24, 2018 at North Sumatera Provincial government Multifunction Building.

“PKPU HI plays an active role as the participant of National PRB exhibition. Our stand number 85 has been opened from October 21-24, 2018,” Mardi Sahendra as the head of PKPU North Sumatera said on Wednesday (24/10) via Whatsapp.

The disaster exhibition also got a good response from the participants coming to PKPU HI stand. PKPU Human Initiative tries to give complete information on disaster to public. This information is related to rescue tools. Besides, PKPU HI also invited the participants to join a game and see documentation of emergency rescue actions through photos and video.

“PKPU HI introduced rescue tools, games, documentation of emergency rescue actions through photos and video and education on PRB,” Mardi stated.

Mardi explained that the participants joining the game at PKPU HI stand were so enthusiastic. Various series of events were held this week. On October 19 – 21, 2018 National Jamboree of Disaster Handling was held. It was opened by West Sumatera traditional dance to welcome guests. Then, Ir. Harmensyah, Dipl, S.E., M.M. as the Deputy of BNPB Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Division delivered a speech on Sunday (21/10) in Medan. The opening on that day ended with prayer and the guests went around the exhibition.

After a series of National PRB exhibition events, Mardi hoped people will be more aware of knowledge on disaster. Besides, Mardi invited people to be more alert about the condition around them.

The peak of National PRB month was held on Wednesday (24/10/2018) at Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel and Convention, Medan. Around 3000 participants consisting of the Indonesian government, the regional government, BNPB, national and international NGOs and academicians enlivened the event.

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PKPU Human Initiative Builds 3 Aid Response Posts in Central Sulawesi

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Social Ministry released the latest data about the recent condition after natural disaster in Palu and its surrounding areas. In its release, there are posts which are part of Subcluster Aid Response Shelter in Central Sulawesi. These posts will help local people by providing their needs during emergency period.

There are 25 aid posts spreading in Central Sulawesi which are initiated by some humanitarian organization that are involved in this aid response. PKPU Human Initiative which is involved actively in the disaster emergency handling has established three posts in Labuan regency, Banama regency and Sigi Biromaru regency, Central Sulawesi regency. The posts have various needs for the disaster victims.

The posts provide these following things:
1. SIGI BIROMARU regency post provides 100 non-food aid
2. Labuan regency post provides 100 tarps
3. Banama regency post provides about 580 tarps.
Since the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Sigi and Donggala on Friday, September 28, 2018, people in Palu and its surrounding areas still feel deep pain. They need not only shelter kit, but also other aids.

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PKPU Human Initiative North Sumatera Deploys Rescue Team to Handle Madina Flash Flood

MADINA – After flash flood in Mandailing Natal last Friday (15/10), PKPU Human Initiative North Sumatera Rescue Team moved immediately to give aid.

“We evacuate dead bodies. Mostly, they are children drifted on the river,” PKPU HI Rescue Team Coordinator, Mardi Sahendra said.

The disaster happening in Muara Saladi village, Ulu Pungkut district has claimed 17 people including 12 students of elementary school and 5 adults. Meanwhile, 7 others were injured.

“Besides claiming lives, this disaster has devastated houses too. A total of 10 houses were swept away and 14 others were buried in mud and wood material,” Mardi said in his report.

Until today (Tuesday, 16/10) PKPU HI North Sumatera Rescue team along with local people still continued activities to clean debris and tree branches scattering on the road.

People whose houses were swept away and severely damaged are forced to evacuate to posts. More than about 70 families need help now.

“They need food, nine main commodities (sembako), medicine, hygiene kit and blanket to live in the evacuation posts,” Mardi revealed.

Based on the decree of Mandaling Natal Regent No. 360/0888/K/2018, the emergency period lasts for 7 days until October 18, 2018. PKPU Human Initiative keeps moving to give Care Solution to the victims. (Humas)

For information in the field from PKPU HI Rescue Team, please contact Ricki 082366647908. PKPU HI North Sumatera invites all Indonesian people to show care together.
Send your donation through Humanitarian Account of PKPU:
Account Name : Yayasan Pos Keadilan Peduli Ummat
Bank BNI, Tebet Branch
Account No. (USD) : 117.85.951
Account No. (IDR) : 117.85.917
Account No. (Euro) :
Swift Code. : BNI NI DJA
Paypal :
2) Via Paypal:
3) Confirmation Donation:
Telepon: +6221-87780015, ext: 124/128/129
SMS/Whatsapp Center: +628 111 518 111
#MadinaFlood #InitiativeForDksaster
#HumanInitiative #CareSolution

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Construction of Temporary Shelter for Donggala People Starts

DONGGALA – One of necessary things in humanitarian aid is local wisdom. Local wisdom meets spirit to recover will speeds up recovery process.

Experience in various disaster locations strengthens this thing. When Houses of Smile in Lombok were built by using leave wicker roof, this wisdom meets appropriate technology designed by the team. In a short time, more than Houses of Smile have been built in Lombok.

After a discussion with local people, Houses of Smile will be built by combining with local wisdom in Donggala, racing with the heavy rain which hit evacuation tarps in Donggala and Palu.

On Sunday (14/10/18), people have been introduced to the construction sample of temporary shelters by PKPU HI rescue team. In the evening, the people got excited to do the construction despite the limited lighting.

The construction process involved the people, especially in Loli Tasiburi village, Donggala regency. This shelter building technique uses local wisdom such as by using tire rubber to replace wire or rope because most of them are fishermen who are used to those materials. The leftovers of woods from the old buildings are also used for material.

Donggala people are ready to recover. The main priority is not gathering building materials, but gathering people to build spirit together.

Let’s support us to keep helping Palu, Donggala and its surrounding areas. Let’s give them happiness just by Click Here


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BRILINK Agent All over Indonesia Presents Humanitarian Aid to Central Sulawesi

JAKARTA – Brilink Selindo agent in all branches in Indonesia raised donation for earthquake and tsunami victims in Palu, Donggala, Sigi, Central Sulawesi through PKPU human Initiative. The aid worth Rp. 71.922.255 was presented directly by the head of Brilink Agent Indonesia (ABS) Agam Tri S. assisted by the head of Jakarta Region 1 Achmad Djawir at PKPU HI Central Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (9/10).

The donation was received directly by PKPU Human Initiative Partnership Director, Andjar Radite assisted by Partnership Senior Manager, Aan Suherlan.

“We appreciate the sympathy of Brilink that want to go along with us to show care to them (Central Sulawesi disaster victims),” Andjar said.

Meanwhile, head of Brilink Selindo Agent, Agam explained that the donation is from the agents and people who use Brilink service.

“We hope this donation can ease the pain of disaster victims in Palu, Donggala and Sigi,” he hoped.

The donation handing over becomes the start of cooperation between ABS and PKPU human Initiative to move together to give care solution.

“We hope this cooperation will be maintained and we can always build synergy together in other humanitarian programs,” Andjar concluded.

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