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Banten Jolted by 7.4-magnitude Earthquake

HI-NEWS, BANTEN A 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit SumurBanten on Friday (2/8/2019) at 19:03:21 West Indonesia Time (WIB).  The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) called for all people to be aware of tsunami early warning after the earthquake. 

The earthquake was centered in 7.54 south latitude and 104.58 east longitude. It occurred in 147 km in the southwest of SumurBanten with the epicenter depth of 10 km. As quoted by, Taufan as the head of BMKG Public Relations Division said tsunami potential in SumurBanten was quite big. “This earthquake has tsunami potential,” he stated. 

Besides, the impact of the earthquake also happened in some areas throughout the south beach lane of Java Island and the west beach of Sumatera Island’s southern part. Therefore, several areas are declared in the watch and caution status. The following are the locations with the watch and caution status as uploaded on Instagram account @infobmkg : 

  1. The south of PandeglangBanten is on watch status  
  2. PandeglangPanaitan Island, Banten is on watch status 
  3. Lampung -Barat Pesisir-Selatan is on watch status 
  4. North of PandeglangBanten is on caution status 
  5. LebakBanten is on caution status 
  6. TanggamusTabuan Island, Lampung is on caution status 
  7. Jabar wilayah Sukabumi Ujung-Genteng is on caution status 
  8. East of Tanggamus, Lampung is on caution status 
  9. South of Krakatau Islands, Lampung is on caution status 
  10. South of Legundi Islands, Lampung is on caution status 
  11. Lampung -Barat Pesisir-Tengah is on caution status 
  12. Lampung -Barat Pesisir-Utara is on caution status 
  13. North of Enggano Island, Bengkulu is on caution status 
  14. Kaur, Bengkulu is on caution status 
  15. South of Sebuku Islands is on caution status 
  16. South of Bengkulu is on caution status 
  17. West of SerangBanten is on caution status 
  18. Seluma, Bengkulu is on caution status 

Let’s pray together for our brothers in SumurBanten and its surrounding areas to get protection and strength to face this difficulty from Allah 


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Human Initiative of West Java and AQUA Hold UMKM Training with Shopee

HI-NEWS, WEST JAVA – On Thursday (25/7/2019) Human Initiative of West Java along with PT. CSR Aqua Investama Subang held Online Marketing Strategy and Partner Network Training in Subang, West Java. The importance of knowledge on digitalization development aims to develop business for UMKM (micro, small and medium enterprises) agents.

Therefore, Human Initiative also supports the development of UMKM for villagers in Pasanggrahan village, Kasomalang district, Subang regency, West Java. The modern digitalization era now changes people’s lifestyle in terms of transaction. Easy shopping can be done through online application including Shopee.

A total of 30 people took part in UMKM training. They are engaged in the traditional processing field. Generally, they do not understand yet how to do online business or trade in marketplace. Rani Juliani as the CSR Coordinator of PT Tirta Investama Aqua Plant Subang also highlighted the improving quality of UMKM empowerment agents.

“There must be difference between empowerment UMKM and general UMKM. Empowerment UMKM agents need more attention because they are generally still unfamiliar with technology. They still need to learn using smart phone, understand marketplace and many others. Therefore, this training is expected to help them market their products on online business platform like Shopee,” she said.

Meanwhile, Alfian Arasy from Small Medium Enterprise Development of Shopee West Java explained about special strategy to expand marketing network and easiness in transaction in the digital era as well as some tips for UMKM agents to make their products be able to compete and have quality for selling.

Program Coordinator of Human Initiative West Java, Bustanul Aripin Natsir stated that the online marketing training is highly needed for empowerment UMKM agents. “UMKM agents do not market their products online yet because of some limitations. In fact, there is much potential of this product marketing. If the products can be marketed online, there will be more benefit and larger product distribution,” he said. Let’s support people’s empowerment via website

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Human Initiative Empowerment Program Attracts Bekasi City Govt at Rumah Bunda Sehat

HI-NEWS, BEKASI – Human Initiative along with Sarihusada cooperated to hold halal bihalal post-Ramadan gathering on Wednesday (10/7/2019) at Rumah Bunda Sehat (Healthy Mom Home–RBS) Pekayon, Bekasi, West Java. It aims to strengthen relationship with the members, society and stakeholders of RBS.

The commitment of the stakeholders was showed by Wailayati as the Sustainable Development Senior Manager and Sri Adi Bramasetia as Human Initiative Vice President Resource. Bram said they would be committed to developing the nation through the empowerment program. “Human Initiative has cooperated with Danone (and) committed to developing the nation with our programs such as RBS, which is expected to encourage women to keep contributing to the nation.”

This event was attended not only by representatives of Danone Indonesia and Human Initiative, but also by Hj. Gunarti Rachmat Effendy as the wife of Bekasi mayor and head of PKK (Family Welfare Movement) Bekasi, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Service, Cooperatives and UMKM (micro, small and medium enterprises) Service, Industry and Trade Service, head of Puskesmas (Community Health Center) Pekayon as well as apparatuses of South Bekasi district and Pekayon subdistrict.

The enthusiasm of the stakeholder is about the support and commitment in the program synergy to reach empowered people. Positive support also comes from the wife of Bekasi mayor, Hj. Gunarti Rahmat Effendi. She hoped RBS could become people’s learning center.

“Joint commitment is important in the program, particularly in the field of health. It is in line with our hope and dream to develop Rumah Bunda Sehat program as people’s learning center,” he said.

This halal bihalal is expected to give collaboration in the people’s empowerment and commitment from various groups of people. This commitment can help the existing problems, especially in the health field and other aspects.

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Human Initiative Rescue Awarded for Disaster Actions in Balikpapan

HI-NEWS, BALIKPAPAN – The city of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan commemorated the 69 th anniversary of public order officers (Polisi Pamong Praja), the 57 th anniversary of Community Protection Task Force (Satlinmas) and the 100 th anniversary of Firefighter on Monday, March 18, 2019. The event was attended by HM Rizal Effendi, SE as Balikpapan mayor. In the event, Human Initiative got an award as a humanitarian institution and volunteers that contribute to handle fire in Balikpapan and its surrounding areas.

Tri Ari Wardana as Human Initiative rescue volunteers said thanks for the appreciation from Balikpapan city administration. “I would like to thank Balikpapan city administration for this award. It would be our motivation as volunteers to keep working and leading in our performance. It is our pride through Human Initiative to be able to contribute to minimize and handle disaster in Balikpapan quickly. I also would like to congratulate firefighters for the 100 th anniversary. Keep up the good work!” Tri Ari Wardana stated.

The award for Accomplished Volunteers was presented by HM. Rizal Efendi, SE as Balikpapan mayor to Tri Ari Wardana as Human Initiative rescue volunteers. Tri Ari with the other volunteers of Human Initiative rescue team was active in the Emergency Response in Balikpapan. One of the real actions is operating Emergency Response Unit to evacuate the fire victims and public preparedness patrol.

DRM (Disaster Risk Management) team of Human Initiative is a team which aims to reduce disaster impact through the empowerment of people’s potential and capacity by recognizing disaster potential and prepare themselves to face disaster.

Human Initiative along with the volunteers will keep improving ability by getting involved directly in various trainings such as evacuation simulation with the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas). Human Initiative would like to thank for the award from Balikpapan city administration. It is expected to strengthen Human Initiative and raise solidarity to handle disaster in the city of Balikpapan.

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Sentani Survivors Increase, Human Initiative Intensifies the Search and Evacuation of the Victims

HI-NEWS, PAPUA – After flash flood happened in Sentani district, Jayapura regency, Papua province, Human Initiative keeps distributing humanitarian aid to the survivors. Head of Data Center, Information and Public Relations at the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a press release on Wednesday (20/3) that 104 people died and 79 others are missing.

“All victims have not been identified yet. There are 40 dead victims who have not been identified, so that Jayapura regent decided to hold a mass burial on March 21,” head of BNPB Data Center, Information and Public Relations, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said in a press release on Wednesday (20/3).

In addition, the number of survivors now increases by 9.691 people, 85 of them are severely injured and 75 others are slightly injured. Sutopo added 2.317 personnel from 28 institutions and organizations have been deployed for the evacuation, search and rescue of the survivors and the service to meet the needs of the survivors.

Human Initiative becomes one of the humanitarian organizations that is involved in the flash flood aid action in Sentani since the first day of disaster emergency response.

“Human Initiative continues to coordinate with BPBD, the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) and NGOs involved in the action. Then it coordinates with local volunteers. Human Initiative also conducts assessment and keeps evacuating the victims together with local volunteers,” Subur Rojinawi as the coordinator of Human Initiative rescue team stated.

Human Initiative invites all people to help the flash flood victims in Sentani and its surrounding areas by sending donation through the website At the moment, the urgent needs are medical service, fast food, blanket, sleeping pad, baby needs and clean water.

Let’s help them. Click in here.

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Flood and Landslide in Bantul, Human Initiative Intensifies the Search and Evacuation of the Victims

HI NEWS, DIY – Flood and landslide hit Yogyakarta Autonomous Region (DIY) due to the overflowing river and high rainfall on Sunday evening (17/03). According to DIY Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Bantul regency is the most affected one.

“Bantul regency is the most affected one. A total of 14 districts and 35 villages in Bantul regency are affected,” BPBD DIY Chief Executive, Biwara Yuswantana explained in an official release on Monday (18/3).

Meanwhile, based on the latest data of BPBD DIY on Monday (18/3) at 00.00 West Indonesia Time (WIB), 5.046 DIY people were affected by flood and landslide, 4.427 of them are Bantul people. Besides, 23 evacuation posts become the victims’ destination, 17 of them are in Bantul regency.

Since Sunday evening (17/3), Human Initiative has deployed rescue team to take disaster emergency initiative in the affected areas. Head of Human Initiative DIY Empowerment Division, Agus Triyono said rescue team from Human Initiative has arrived in the location since last night and opened access with other volunteers.

“Last night with other volunteers we opened road access which connects one of isolated hamlets due to flood. Now people can pass through the road,” head of Human Initiative DIY Empowerment Division, Agus Triyono said on Monday (18/3).

Agus added now Emres team was divided into two divisions, namely operational division which is assigned to evacuate survivors in the field and assessment division which is assigned to collect data of the needs of the survivors. Human Initiative invites all people to help flood and landslide victims in DIY by sending donation through the website The urgent needs are fast food and hygiene kit.

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Human Initiative Builds Empowered Fisherman Village in Pandegelang

HI-NEWS, PANDEGLANG – After Sunda Strait tsunami which happened on Saturday, December 22, 2018, Human Initiative keeps distributing various humanitarian aids to the victims in Banten and its surrounding areas. One of the humanitarian aids is the establishment of Empowered Fisherman Kampung in Kampung Karang Meungpeuk, Desa Tanjung Jaya, Panimbang district, Pandeglang.

This is part of Human Initiative’s effort to meet the needs of the survivors to do daily activities like before. The launching of Empowered Fisherman Kampung was attended by Human Initiative President, Tomy Hendrajati, village officials, community figures and local people.

Tomy Hendrajati said Human Initiative was ready to support the needs of the survivors. “Tsunami in last 22 December is the affection of Allah to all of us, especially us and the partners of Human Initiative to be able to share with the victims. We are ready to support not only through the emergency response program, but also until now we are committed to assisting the people to recover their condition,” Human Initiative President, Tomy Hendrajati stated.

Previously, according to the data of Human Initiative, in Kampung Karang Meungpeuk, Pandeglang, 11 people died, 26 boats were damaged, tens of houses and other infrastructures were damaged. Arsikum as the head of RT Karang Meungpeuk neighborhood unit said thanks to the donors and Human Initiative for having helped the victims from the beginning.

“We the people of Karang Meungpeuk would like to thank Human Initiative and partners for assisting us since the disaster happened. Besides logistic aid, alhamdulillah (thank God) we also get 26 boats to replace the damaged ones. This is really beneficial for us,” he stated.

Human Initiative will keep inviting all people to help the survivors by sending donation through the website Human Initiative will distribute the donation immediately to those in need.

Let’s help them. Click in here !

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Human Initiative Deploys Rescue Team for Sentani Flash Flood

HI NEWS, PAPUA – Rain with high intensity on Saturday (16/3) at 18.00 East Indonesia Time (WIT) in Sentani district, Jayapura, Papua caused flash flood on Sunday, March 17, 2019. According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB), another possible cause of the flash flood is landslide in the upper course, so that the landslide material blocked water flow.

“Flash flood which often happens in Indonesia usually begins with landslide in the upper course, then it blocks river and causes natural dam,” head of BNPB Data Center, Information and Public Relations, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said in a press release on Sunday (17/3).

Sutopo added that because of the increasing water volume, the natural dam collapsed and hit the bottom part by bringing other materials such as woods, trees, stones, mud and so on. The materials were swept away along with a big water flow.

Human Initiative took initiative to take disaster emergency response by sending personnel to Sentani on Sunday, March 17, 2019. Eson Jumarsono as the GM of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) of Human Initiative said rescue team would leave on Sunday (17/03).

“Insya Allah (God willing), the rescue team will leave for Papua tonight for the disaster emergency response initiative by coordinating with the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) and the local government, evacuating, reviewing and distributing aid to the victims,” Human Initiative Disaster Risk Management (DRM) GM, Eson Jumarsono revealed.

Meanwhile, data from BNPB on Sunday (17/3) at 10.15 WIT showed that the number of dead victims reached 50 and 59 others were injured. There is also material loss such as damaged infrastructure. Human Initiative calls on all people to help the survivors by sending humanitarian donation through the website . The urgent needs at the moment are clean water, food item and medical aid.

Let’s help them! Click disini.

photo : Relawan Squad PB Indonesia

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People’s Empowerment Program of Human Initiative Makes Elder Mothers in Bandung More Independent

HI-NEWS, WEST JAVA– Human Initiative has a goal to build people’s independence in Indonesia including Bandung, West Java. In March 2018, data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) showed that Indonesia’s poverty rate reached 9.82 percent.

It encouraged Human Initiative to take an integrated step through various programs for those in need. One of the programs is Multi Income Family program (KMP). This program aims the elder mothers to increase the income of every family.

Alek Durantes as Human Initiative Project Officer of West Java said this program was done in stages. The first step is business capital distribution for the program receivers to make the fund used well. For instance, it is used to buy business tools such as stove, blender, dispenser and many others.

“It is done in stages to make the business capital distribution more on target. Besides, we will observe the business development consistently,” Alex Durantes said on
Wednesday (6/3).

The program involves 20 elder mothers in Bandung, West Java who cooperate with each other to develop KMP program. Oneng Sarifah, one of program receivers, said thanks for giving her solution. “Alhamdulillah (thank God), I have received business capital from Human Initiative. I hope my business will run well as well as gain benefit and blessing. Thank you Human Initiative donors for helping me. May all of you can keep giving benefit to those in need,” Oneng Sarifah revealed.

Human Initiative invites all people to keep distributing aid through the website In addition, Human Initiative will continue to contribute through
various programs to make people more independent.

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PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan Breaks the Fast with Orphans and Launches HIVE

BALIKPAPAN – PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan spread happiness again by breaking the fast with orphans, which is part of Happy with Orphans program. It also launched the theme of Infinity Happiness at Giant Extra MT. Haryono Balikpapan, Saturday (26/5).

It was held simultaneously in 13 branches of PKPU Human Initiative all over Indonesia.

Breaking the Fast with Orphans invited 50 orphans to have fun with PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan.

“Today we hold this event in all branches of PKPU Human Initiative. For East Kalimantan branch office, we hold it in Balikpapan with the theme of Infinity Happiness,” Hidayatullah, head of East Kalimantan PKPU Human Initiative said.

Happy with Orphans program has 4 subprograms, namely Breaking the Fast with Orphans, Shopping with Orphans, Sharing Orphans Packages and New Clothes for Orphans.

The programs are expected to facilitate Balikpapan people to share happiness with the needy, particularly orphans.

“In launching Infinity Happiness in Happy with Orphans program, we have 4 programs to facilitate Balikpapan people. We hope we can share happiness and cheerfulness with our brothers, particularly orphans,” Hidayatullah stated.

Hidayatullah added that the happiness will go back to those who share it, so that there will be endless happiness, just like the theme unveiled by PKPU Human Initiative, which is Infinity Happiness.

Previously, the event Infinity Happiness included competitions such as little preacher contest (pildacil), adzan (call for prayer) competition and tilawah Al-Quran recital competition. It also introduced around 20 volunteers who will increase more in order to contribute to a program by PKPU Human Initiative, namely Human Initiative Volunteer Energy (HIVE).

“In this event, we also launch Human Initiative Volunteer Energy in which several volunteers are ready to join PKPU Human Initiative to contribute in its programs,” Hidayatullah revealed.(pkpu-hi)

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PKPU Human Initiative of North Sumatera Holds Shopping with Orphans at Hypermart Binjai Supermall

BINJAI – PKPU Human Initiative of North Sumatera held Shopping with Orphans at Hypermart Binjai Supermall, Timbang Langkat, Saturday, May 26, 2018. A total of 106 orphans were invited to buy various needs.

The event which brought the theme “Infinity Happiness, Happy with Orphans” aims to make orphans happy through a program that involves business place. PKPU Human Initiative as an institution which is concerned about orphans follows it up by holding Shopping with Orphans Program.

Head of PKPU Human Initiative branch office, Mardi Sahendra said the regular event in Ramadhan month came from the donation of donors and PKPU foster parents. Before the event began, Mardi suggested the orphans buy the needs for Lebaran (Eid festivity). “Do not get discouraged, Insya Allah (God willing) success will follow you if you study hard,” he stated.

Representing Hypermart Binjai Supermall Manager, Mardi motivated the orphans to keep praying and studying to reach their dreams.

In the event, Indaco and Bhayangkari, the organization of the wives of police officers gave packages to the orphans. They were also entertained by cosplay attraction of Spiderman and Captain America. Happiness and laughter were written on their face. The event continued with prayer and ended with shopping and photo sessions.

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Fun Shopping with Orphans and PKPU Human Initiative of West Java

Bandung – PKPU Human Initiative of West Java held Shopping with Orphans (BBY), Saturday, May 26, 2018. This event was held simultaneously by the central office and branch offices of PKPU Human Initiative all over Indonesia. More than 50 orphans from various foundations joined the event at Grand Yogya Kepatihan Alun-Alun Bandung.

Head of PKPU Human Initiative branch office Kiki Rejeki said this event was held to make orphans feel happiness in this glorious month. “This is the much-awaited month. We should fight for doing and spreading kindness,” Kiki stated.

Kiki also invited everyone to become the real hero. “As in line with the theme brought by PKPU Human Initiative this Ramadhan, namely Infinity Happiness adapted from Infinity War of The Avengers, I call on everyone to become the real heroes. In fact, we do not need super power to become the real heroes but sharing happiness with each other,” Kiki said.

One of participants, Ridwan (11) said he was really happy to join this event. “It is so fun. I can shop here with friends,” Ridwan said. Ridwan bought biscuit, milk, snack, bath tools and other items. Ridwan, who is an orphan from Subang, admitted that he wanted to join this event again.

Meanwhile, one of the orphan guides, Wati from Ummahat, said taking care of orphans is a pride for her. Moreover, she is a widow of orphans. Her husband died five years ago.

“I have been through good times and bad times. I can feel the children are “different” because they do not have father. But I keep giving them support to become confident and convince them that each child has a special thing. What we have to do is maximizing the potential,” Wati stated.

The event was also enlivened by live acoustic performance and storytelling by Kampung Dongeng community. Various door prizes were distributed to bring more fun. (Ria/Gie)

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