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Welcoming the 19th Anniversary, PKPU Human Initiative Spreads Humanity Spirit through Stand Up for Palu – Donggala in Balikpapan

BALIKPAPAN – A series of Stand Up For Palu – Donggala road shows keep going on in big cities in Indonesia including Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. This time the road show was held at Putri Aji Karang Melenu Ballroom, Balikpapan University. Hidayatullah as the head of PKPU Human Initiative of East Kalimantan said the ticket selling and fund raising will be distributed through Palu – Donggala recovery program.

“The ticket selling and fund raising will be distributed through Palu-Donggala recovery program held by PKPU Human Initiative,” Hidayatullah, head of PKPU Human Initiative East Kalimantan said on Sunday (11/11) at Balikpapan University, East Kalimantan.

Hidayatullah hoped this event could give contribution to Palu – Donggala earthquake victims. “We hope we can give more contribution to our brothers in Palu-Donggala,” he added.

Stand Up for Palu – Donggala in Balikpapan was enlivened by Sadana Agung, finalist of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) competition Season 6. There were also three other stand-up comedians from Balikpapan StandUp Community, namely Fazri, Rizky and Damsy. They called on standup comedy lovers to contribute to give donation through Stand Up for Palu – Donggala.

This road show is part of events to welcome the anniversary of PKPU Human Initiative that will culminate in December 2018. Five big destination cities of Stand Up for Palu – Donggala tour are Jakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Makassar and Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, Humanity Spirit still becomes the big theme of the road show. PKPU Human Initiative hoped the road show would encourage many people help ease the pain of victims in Palu – Donggala.

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Ramon Papana : Mari Kita Bantu Saudara Kita di Palu – Donggala Bersama PKPU Human Initiative

JAKARTA – Roadshow Stand Up For Palu – Donggala kembali diselenggarakan di Jakarta. Kali ini, PKPU Human Initiative (HI) bersama Indonesian Comedy Club (IDCC) berinisiatif untuk mengajak masyarakat agar membantu saudara-saudari kita di Palu dan sekitarnya. Acara ini dilaksanakan pada Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2018 di Eat and Eat, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta Selatan.

Humanity Spirit atau Semangat Kemanusiaan masih menjadi tema besar dalam roadshow STAND UP FOR PALU – DONGGALA. PKPU HI bersama IDCC mengajak seluruh pengunjung Eat and Eat agar ikut berdonasi untuk para korban bencana alam di Palu – Donggala. Melalui kotak yang sudah disediakan oleh beberapa orang dari PKPU HI. Nantinya, mereka akan berkeliling di Eat and Eat, sehingga memudahkan pengunjung untuk memberikan donasinya. Salah satu pelopor Stand Up Comedy di Indonesia, Ramon Papana juga mengajak masyarakat untuk turut membantu korban Palu – Donggala.

“Mari kita bantu saudara-saudra kita di Palu dan Donggala yang terkena musibah bersama dengan PKPU Human Initiative,” ujar Ramon Papana pada Sabtu (27/10) di Eat and Eat, Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta.


Ada 10 comic yang turut memeriahkan roadshow di Kota Kasablanka. Comic tersebut diantaranya Ramon Papana, Asep Suaji, Hendra Panggabean, Evan Prabowo, Yosua Petriyonta, Mix Syakur, Garieldo, Juwita JA, Mey Shan Shan, Feni Bros dan Bang Dunia. Dipandu oleh Irwan Chan sebagai MC, Stand Up For Palu – Donggala menjadi semakin menarik. PKPU Human Initiative diwakilkan oleh Sahardi mengucapkan terima kasih atas bantuan donasi dari berbagai pihak. Terutama kepada Eat and Eat dan IDCC yang sudah memberikan fasilitas kepada PKPU HI agar terlaksananya Stand Up For Palu dan Donggala.

“Terima kasih Eat and Eat dan Indonesia Comedy Club yang sudah memfasilitasi kebaikan kita semua,” tutur Sahardi.



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PKPU Human Initiative Builds 3 Aid Response Posts in Central Sulawesi

JAKARTA – The Indonesian Social Ministry released the latest data about the recent condition after natural disaster in Palu and its surrounding areas. In its release, there are posts which are part of Subcluster Aid Response Shelter in Central Sulawesi. These posts will help local people by providing their needs during emergency period.

There are 25 aid posts spreading in Central Sulawesi which are initiated by some humanitarian organization that are involved in this aid response. PKPU Human Initiative which is involved actively in the disaster emergency handling has established three posts in Labuan regency, Banama regency and Sigi Biromaru regency, Central Sulawesi regency. The posts have various needs for the disaster victims.

The posts provide these following things:
1. SIGI BIROMARU regency post provides 100 non-food aid
2. Labuan regency post provides 100 tarps
3. Banama regency post provides about 580 tarps.
Since the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Sigi and Donggala on Friday, September 28, 2018, people in Palu and its surrounding areas still feel deep pain. They need not only shelter kit, but also other aids.

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Construction of Temporary Shelter for Donggala People Starts

DONGGALA – One of necessary things in humanitarian aid is local wisdom. Local wisdom meets spirit to recover will speeds up recovery process.

Experience in various disaster locations strengthens this thing. When Houses of Smile in Lombok were built by using leave wicker roof, this wisdom meets appropriate technology designed by the team. In a short time, more than Houses of Smile have been built in Lombok.

After a discussion with local people, Houses of Smile will be built by combining with local wisdom in Donggala, racing with the heavy rain which hit evacuation tarps in Donggala and Palu.

On Sunday (14/10/18), people have been introduced to the construction sample of temporary shelters by PKPU HI rescue team. In the evening, the people got excited to do the construction despite the limited lighting.

The construction process involved the people, especially in Loli Tasiburi village, Donggala regency. This shelter building technique uses local wisdom such as by using tire rubber to replace wire or rope because most of them are fishermen who are used to those materials. The leftovers of woods from the old buildings are also used for material.

Donggala people are ready to recover. The main priority is not gathering building materials, but gathering people to build spirit together.

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Removing the Pain of Children Survivors, PKPU Human Initiative Gives Psychosocial Support

DONGGALA – An earthquake along with tsunami which hit Central Sulawesi in the end of September 2018 has left deep pain to the victims. The 7.4-magnitude earthquake not only devastated buildings, but also hurt their psychology.

“This disaster affects not only infrastructure damage, but also the psychology of the survivors,” Agus Putut, PKPU Human Initiative Volunteer Coordinator said.

Children are survivors who are prone to have trauma. The unstable emotional condition hurts their psychology easily. Depressed, anxious, agressive, confused, hopeless, sad and deep lost feeling are the symptoms.

It becomes the concern of PKPU Human Initiative volunteers who work in evacuation tents precisely in Loli Tasiburi Survivor Post, Banawa district, Donggala regency. While giving logistic aid, they gave psychosocial support to the children victims on Tuesday (9/10).

“Besides food, they also need us to make them strong, get back their smiles which are buried in pain. We should not ignore their mental psychological needs,” Agus stated after giving psychosocial support.

Around 80 children survivors played enthusiastically with PKPU Human Initiative volunteers. The volunteers told stories and sang songs to make them strong nd patients. Happiness from the volunteers at least could remove the pain of the children victims after the disaster.

According to data from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) on Tuesday (9/10), 82.775 people evacuated. They lost not only their houses, but also their families. Until now they still need aid from volunteers and philantrophists.

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Survivors Still Need Humanitarian Assistance after Quake in Sulawesi

PALU – Located in Talise Camp, on wednesday (4/10), PKPU Human Initiative distributed Logistics and hygiene kits. There were staple food and hygiene kits for 150 beneficiaries in Talise camp.

“In emergency response situasion, food item was very urgent. Especially, for the IDP’s who lost everything after disaster, said team rescue of PKPU, Indra Budi

In previous day, PKPU had distributed Food item with total 142 package in RT 5 and RT 6, Kabongan Kecil village, District Donggala.

The situation in the field was not condusive, due to chaotic in the aftermath of an emergency, so, we cooperate with local government and police to escort us to distribute our relief.

“we distribute our relief to the affected area by truck, and we cooperate with police to escort our relief so it’s safe from looting,” said Indra

Earthquake triggered a tsunami struck Donggala had caused economic collapse. Over 1.571 reported died, 2.549 had been unjured dan 70.821 internally displaced, destroy thousands of home and causing devastation in almost all central sulawesi.

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PKPU Human Initiative Team Starts Need Assessment in Palu

PALU – While response carry out in Donggala, several teams move to Palu to start assessment. Assessment was conducted to get the urgent needed datas in IDP’s Camp around affected area in Palu.

“We are currently conducting assessments to know the most urgent needs, at the same time, evacuation was still runnning,” explained PKPU HI Rescue Team Coordinator, Kaimuddin (5/10).

According to Kaimuddin, PKPU are going to establish “Water Service” (providing water and food for vulnerable people), considering water and food still needed for affected people.

Meanwhile, Medical services and Food Distribution was still running in IDP’s Camp near to PKPU Human Initiative Post in Donggala.

PKPU Human Initiative was determine a main post in Donggala, is on Jl. Donggala Palu No. 40, RT6 / 3, Kel. Kabonga Kecil, Kec. Banawa, Kab. Donggala. The post also to accommodating logistic assistance, and the data information center for our activities, and internal coordinating.

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PKPU Human Initiative Deploy Medical Team to Donggala

Donggala – Along with Government, PKPU and local volunteers continues to support affected communities.

“After PKPU HI response team arrived in Donggala, we deploy a medical team from Makassar as well,” explained PKPU’s HI Rescue Team Coordinator, Indra Budi Legowo.

Since October 2, 2018, PKPU Human Initiative has provided medical services with 12 personnel for the community affected around PKPU Human Initiative Post, Jl. Eboni No. 8, Kel. Kabunga Kecil, Kec. Banawa, Donggala.

In addition,PKPU Human Initiative als provide medical service in Loli Londo Village, Kabonga Kecil, Banawa District, Donggala yesterday (03/10/2018).

The number of beneficiaries increased from 40 people to 79 people. The illness were complained consist of fever, itchies, ulcers, and other minor injuries.

“Furthermore, the action plan that will be carried out consists of the distribution of food items, hygiene kit and medical services,” added Indra.

Meanwhile, providing of basic needs still obtained from the nearest area, so the need of community can be fulfilled immediately.
Indonesian Government has stated that they welcome offers of international assistance, by emphasizing on kinds of assistance including Air Transportation, Tents, water treatment, generators.

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The Electricity Cut Off, PKPU Human Initiative Provide Postal Charging

Donggala – An earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hit Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi, Friday (09/28/2018) had an impact on the loss of electricity. The Head of the Data and Information BNPB, Sutopo said that a series of earthquakes allegedly had been cut off from the electricity network.

“The power outages and pitch darkness in Palu and Donggala. Aftershocks are still continuing,” Sutopo added.

The coordinator of the PKPU Human Initiative, Indra Budi Legowo, who since Friday had succeeded in the location, also pulses the same thing. In addition to the aftershocks, the electricity network was still broken. Residents cannot do anything, especially in evacuating victims.

“We took the initiative to provide postal charging the battery to charge the communication device, so that the people affected can contact family or outsiders. It also helps lighting at night,” said Indra.

Since emergency response status, PKPU HI responded quickly to this incident by dispatching a response and assessment team of 7 people from Makassar by landline, the team arrived in Donggala on Saturday afternoon. Along with the Ministry of Social Affairs, BNPB, and local volunteer, the PKPU Human Initiative team took apart to help evacuate the victims.

“Various collaborations with the TNI, BNPB, PT. Pelni explored to prepare accessibility for earthquake affected areas, ” Said Indra.

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