BRI Invites PKPU Human Initiative Maluku to Distribute Ramadhan Packages for Unfortunate Families

Ambon – To share happiness with people in the month of Ramadhan, BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) of Ambon branch invited PKPU Human Initiative Maluku to distribute BRI Care Ramadhan to people in Ambon and its surrounding areas. The aid distribution was conducted at Home Initiative for Children PKPU HI Maluku on Jl. Antari – Tanah Rata, Batu Merah village on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 11:00 East Indonesia Time (WIT).

Representative of BRI Ambon head explained that Happy Ramadhan Program with BRI was done nationwide in all provinces in Indonesia including Maluku. The target is unfortunate family.


“Happy with BRI program or BRI Care is Ramadhan program which was held in all provinces in Indonesia including Maluku. The target of the program is unfortunate family,” he revealed in a speech, representing head of BRI Ambon.

The charity event of BRI and PKPU HI attended by tens of program receivers from several villages aims to share happiness in the month of Ramadhan and welcome Lebaran (Eid festivity). It was stated by Muhamad Ikbal Hulihulis as the head of PKPU HI Maluku.

“The program from BRI aims to share happiness especially with the unfortunate. This program is held all over Indonesia that the happiness is thorough. This aid is certainly preparation to welcome Lebaran,” head of PKPU HI Maluku explained.